Create a new Arsenal

Create an arsenal for your next event. In this Video we are creating a bag for the House shot.

Add your gear to your bag

Plan for your next event. Put in the best pieces available to you!

Build your Inventory

VIew all the newest releases and innovations in bowling industry. Personalize exactly what goes into your inventory. As a bonus, you can also re-create any bowling ball from the past !

Add Notes to your Ball

Keep track of Bowling ball layout, surface changes and any personal thought you have, available for every bowling ball in your arsenal. Now you can easily track what you have and how its surface is prepared.

Create a Ball

At Bowlers Arsenal we strive to list the favorite balls from each manufacturer. However, sometimes your favorite ball may be older, or not your favorite ball. No matter, we also give you the ability to design a close replica of the ball for your arsenal. This tutorial should be a good guide.


Of Course there's more !

We do our best to  include the original technical specifications of all the equipment we list.  Our Community includes links to valuable resources, including coaching, new releases, pro shops and bowling centers. From time to time there may also be a promotion straight from the manufacturer to you !